Road to 100

Thoughts on Tonight…

Hello everyone!!  Here are my thoughts on the MTV Movie Awards…

  • Megan Fox did not look like her usual pretty self?
  • Rob Pattinson looked gorg. as always!
  • Congrats to Rob and Cam for the best fight (2 years in a row for Cam woo woo!)
  • Rob- Breakthrough Male!
  • Andy Samberg is hilarious!  Best MTV Movie Awards in a REALLYYYY long time
  • Eminem did his thing.. I’ve really missed him.
  • Kristen and Rob Best Kiss—was there any doubt?  I thought their somewhat mocking of the award was very good!
  • Kristen Best Female Performance—people give her a break.  No she is not on drugs, no she is not mental.  She is a 19 year old girl who gets nervous!  I loved her comment after dropping the popcorn saying “I was just as awkward as everyone thought I would be!”
  • I wish Paramore would have won Best Song in a Movie.
  • Best Movie–Twilight—Love!
  • NEW MOON TRAILER=EPIC!  The movie is going to be major win.
  • Harry Potter clip was a little disappointing–I still loved it—I was just expecting more I think?
  • Transformers clip was good!

Sorry this post is EXTREMELY jumbled!  I am still recovering from my Twitter/cell phone/Facebook blowing up during the awards.  All in all, I thought it was a very good show.  Andy did a great job hosting (loved the singing of his songs classic style).  I DVR’d it and I will for sure be checking out my favorite moments again (and again, and again…).


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