Road to 100

#1 ‘Witch and Wizard’ by James Patterson

Here is goes… my first book of the year.  I chose something light to start the year off right!

‘Witch and Wizard’ by James Patterson.

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

This is a YA book at 320 pages with each chapter only being a couple of pages… aka a very quick read.  I’m pretty sure this book was read during one shift at work.  Wisty and Whit (sister/brother) are sent away to “prison” for reasons unknown.  They figure out they are a witch and wizard (no spoiler… it’s the title!) and things go on from there.  It seems as though the world is on their shoulders and they are only 15 and 17 (I think)!  This is the first in a new series and I did enjoy it, but it may have lacked a little substance.  It is very promising though!

Would I recommend this book? Yes.  Perhaps get it at your library or pick it up for a “beach read.”

Up Next: ‘In the Woods’ by Tana French


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