Road to 100

#5 ‘Strange But True’ by John Searles

‘Strange But True’ by John Searles

This book isn’t quite like anything I normally read.  Phillip has a mysterious fall at his apartment in New York and moves back home with his mom.  He has been gone for nearly five years.  Five years ago his younger brother, Ronnie,was killed on prom night.  One night during his stay at home, Melissa Moody (Ronnie’s girlfriend) shows up claiming she is pregnant with Ronnie’s child.  Throughout the novel Phillip and his mother try to deal with all of the emotions this claim has brought up and they also deal with their family problems.  This book keeps you wanting to turn the page and find out what is really going on.  I enjoyed it for a change of pace in my reading!

Would I recommend this book? Yes!  It is far away from my normal fantasy-esque choices, but I really enjoyed it!  It is quite inexpensive as well!

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