Road to 100


Yesterday I may have gotten the BEST. NEWS. EVER!  For the past month, I have been visiting (check it out!) and entering for a chance to win a trip to ComicCon.  Yesterday, I got the news that I WON!  This is insane.  On July 23rd my brother and I will be leavinggg on a jet plane to go to San Diego, California!  Once there we will be staying in a hotel (I’m not sure which one yet?) and then we have 4 day passes for ComicCon.  I am so excited, you have no idea.  Not only will there be a New Moon panel, there will be True Blood, Glee, Bones, Psych, etc.  So. Giddy. Don’t. Know. How. To. Contain. Myself.  We will be there July 23-27th!  Wooooooo! If you hear any ComicCon tips rolling around or if you’re going to be there yourself, be sure to let me know! ❤

ComicCon Love…