Road to 100

#2 ‘In the Woods’ by Tana French

‘In the Woods’ by Tana French

A young girl is found murdered in the same woods where a mysterious disappearance of two children 20 years prior took place.  The detective on the case is a man who was also found in those woods 20 years ago clinging to a tree and covered in blood.  The two kids that went missing were his best friends.  He has no memory of the incident and the only person that is aware of him being involved (due to a name change) is his partner.  This is truly an amazing book all the way until the end.  It was seriously disappointing.  Even though the chapters are quite long, it wasn’t difficult to read once you got used to the Irish terms, etc.  There is a sequel of sorts (maybe more like a companion book?) following the partner in a new case that I have yet to read, but am looking forward to!

Would I recommend this book? Yes–if you like detective/psychological books and are aware the the ending isn’t very satisfying.  You can find it for 19 cents used on Amazon 😉

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