Road to 100

#4 ‘Tempted’ by PC and Kristin Cast

‘Tempted’ by PC and Kristin Cast

This is the sixth book in the series and I can definitely say it wasn’t my favorite.  I stopped reading about halfway through and read a couple of books in between.  Here is a brief synopsis of the series if you have never heard of it before–Zoey lives in a world where vampires are known and they attend special schools, etc.  One day she is “Marked” and she has a limited time to get to the House of Night (vampire school) before she dies.  It becomes apparent very quickly that there is something special about Zoey and we follow her and her friends through all of their journeys.  I do like this series, but I thought this one and the one before it were kind of boring.  I hope the next one, “Burned,”  will be more entertaining!

Would I recommend this book? If you have read the previous books, yes.

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